(Hong Kong Comprehensive News) Hong Kong's "grabbing talent" plan as of the end of November this year, with a total of over 200,000 applications.The Hong Kong government said that the implementation of each plan will be paid closely and optimized in a timely manner.

Comprehensive Hong Kong Government News Network, Radio Hong Kong, etc., Sun Yuxi, director of the Labor and Welfare Bureau, said on Wednesday (December 13) that the introduction of various types of talents in Hong Kong has received more than 200,000 applications as of the end of last month. It was last year.Nearly four times the number of applications, more than 120,000 applications have been approved.In the first 11 months of this year, more than 81,000 people arrived in Hong Kong, far exceeding the goal of at least 35,000 talents each year.-1441439 "rel = nofollow target = _blank> most of them come from" Gao Cai Tong Plan ".

Sun Yuzheng said that as of the end of October, the "talent service window" online platform has been processed by more than 5,800 inquiries, and the newly established talent service office has also begun to work.He said that the Hong Kong Government will also launch further measures, including expanding the list of high -talented planning universities and relaxation of visa requirements for talents in some countries.

For the recent talent introduction strategy of Shenzhen and other places, Sun Yuhan said earlier that Hong Kong has its unique attractiveness and does not have to imitate other regions.